MOTOROLA's Digital Mototrbo Overview

1. Utilizes Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) which allows for two simultaneous voice conversations through the same repeater using a single frequency pair occupying just 12.5kHz of bandwidth. Or, one voice and one GPS dedicated time slot within a single 12.5kHz of bandwidth (as compared to analog or FDMA). In other words, think of having two repeaters in one. This is ideal for emergency communications, just one back up power source to feed a single repeater, which acts like two + handles GPS and text messaging.

2. Voice and data are integrated (GPS, Text Messaging, Radio Check, automatic presence notification to a computer server / dispatch position of when a radio has been turned on, off, GPS reception quality, has left the coverage area of the repeater system, has entered a particular pre-outlined location on the servers / dispatch computers map. Know when your field personnel have arrived at a scene with a pop up notices / flags on the server / dispatch computer.

3. Voice & Data can be be routed to specific pre-defined groups of individuals, or a single specific individual. Plus, there is an ALL CALL feature which broadcasts your call across all groups (when broadcasting important / emergency bulletins).

4. Repeaters can be used in either Analog mode, Digital mode, or Mixed mode (only after having purchased the Mixed Mode upgrade). 5. When utilizing 3rd party software (ie TRBOnet or Smart PTT), the computer Server/Gateway logs GPS route history, records voice traffic, as well as logging which particular radio had initiated the call, and to which particular radio or group the radio voice/data was sent to.

6. The GPS units are built within the portables and mobiles. No need to purchase special $200-$300 GPS equipped speaker mic.

7. Allows Telemetry remote control of the radios accessory connector input / output pins. A simple example would be, if you had a water tank up on a hill tied to a Mototrbo portable / mobile radio. You can pre-configure your radio on the hill, to page your individual portable or mobile radio and display "WATER TANK XYZ IS FULL". Then, with the portable on your waist (which you might have received that alert with), you may send a command back which sends one of the radios I/O's on the hill to either go HIGH or LOW, in other words, sending a command to (lets say) open a valve. The applications for the telemetry capabilities are too vast to ponder, and limited only by ones imagination. Open a gate, AC power failure notification, building door status, automobiles ignition on, etc . . . .

8 Robust against co-channel interference.

9. Mototrbo repeaters may be linked via IP (in a Multicast fashion). IP Site Connect adds roaming and remote repeater diagnostics / control capabilities. What this means for subscriber units (mobiles and portables) is that the radios will automatically switch over to the repeater which it hears the strongest. No need to be juggling manually between repeaters along your commute.

10. Subscriber units are capable of 1000 channels.

11. Built to US Military 810 C, D, E and F Standards for durability and reliability. Portable radio are built to IP57 water submersibility standards.

12. Portable radios can be used in intrinsically safe environments (locations where flammable gas, vapors or combustible dust may be present).

13. Presently, there is no SWL radio scanner that can decode Mototrbo.

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